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A Place of Inspiration for Your Muse

Do you have a Muse? Or wish you did?
This site is for you.

Take your Muse for a ride through these pages.
Explore ideas. Discover treasure. Seize inspiration.

Whether you cook, sew, paint, craft, build, sing, write, act, entertain,
or merely dream about it,
you’ll find people here who will inspire you to your best efforts.
Look no further for beauty, compassion, poignancy, and humor.

Meet people who use their God-given talents to imagine and create.
~People who hatch an idea and bring it to life,

no matter how many obstacles stand in the way.
~People who not only express their individuality,
but share it to bless their communities, and the world.
~People with passion and vision, in all walks of life,
each with different callings and gifts.
~Not just artists, yet each are artists in their own right.

This is a place for your own Muse to find the TLC it needs.
Water and feed it. Set it in the sun. Protect it from harmful influences.

Expose it to those who are like-minded.
To those who have courage to chase after dreams.
Dreams of Creating. Building. Enlarging.
Embracing. Connecting.
Every day.

Make Friends With Your Muse.
Spend time with us here and be inspired to bring your own creativity

to its full potential, even if flagging or dormant.
Everybody is welcome.

Take a Journey through Imagination.
It all begins here.