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I believe everyone has a muse. But not everybody knows it.
That’s why I started this blog. I want you to be friends with your Muse, and be inspired by the creativity that surrounds you every day.

There’s no reason why some of that creativity can’t come from you.

I’ve captured a bit of imagination from many sources to feature on this site. If you find yourself encouraged and motivated by these pages, then it’s a good day. And this blog has served its purpose.

I’ll offer new food for thought–that is, specifically for your Muse. I’ll feature guests from artists to musicians, chefs to teachers, authors to engineers, and everything in between. Subscribe below so you don’t miss anything.

My own Muse made itself known in second grade and struck me with the writing bug. I still have it.

Over the years, I’ve given my Muse some wild rides:

roller coasters, cross-country road trips,
snowmobiling, camping in the rain,
tubing, speedboating on Lake Michigan,
sailing on the Pacific, hiking the Appalachian Trail,
flying a plane, rock climbing, scuba diving,
tobogganing, canoeing, white water rafting,
riding busses on mountainous hairpin curves
in Guatemala and Mexico,
snorkeling with sting rays in Belize,
bicycling across the Golden Gate Bridge,
skiing downhill in Colorado
~~no guts, no glory~~

But my Muse and I also enjoy basking in the calmness of a summer neighborhood walk, the tranquility of a sunset on the beach, the frivolity of family traditions and holidays, the security of family ties and roots.

My Muse has also accompanied me on some scary rides, through family deaths, depression, job loss, failures, and more.

All of this has been fodder for my own artistic expression and writing.

My Creative History in a Nutshell
~~from grade school years to mother of adult children~~

Picture books (grade school),
Hawaii Five-0 & Bonanza TV scripts (middle school),
poetry, journals, short stories, lyrics (HS)
colored pencils/pen & ink drawings;
water color & acrylic paintings (HS & beyond);
art & creative writing curriculum;
folk art, wooden roosters, pigs on a stick, crafts,
greeting cards, quilts, valances, applique,
art fairs, themed birthday parties,
scrapbooks & photo albums,
a published novel;
fairy tales, chapter books,
YA novels, historical fiction

While all of that was bubbling over, I was living the rest of my life, too . . .

As a Michigan native, I earned a BA in Education and Fine Arts at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, then taught school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for nine years. I started the middle school and high school art program, taught creative writing, and coached volleyball.

My husband and I have four children. After my oldest was born, I happily threw myself into parenting as a stay-at-home mom, thriving on Family Fun magazine and the kids’ interminably messy craft room. In my spare time, I wrote and published a novel. I also sold prints of my original nursery rhyme landscape and a pen & ink tree drawing.

When my youngest started kindergarten, I took various part-time jobs, then started my own teaching and tutoring business from home, working with home schoolers for the past 15 years. Now I’m able to focus more on my own writing. I love creating stories, walking, bike riding, reading, traveling, and having family time, especially our annual week at the cottage.

Unfortunately for my husband, with the kids grown up, I’m done with cooking. I never had that Muse.

I invite you to join this community and share your own thoughts, Muses, and endeavors. Leave your comments on the posts. If you want to reach me directly, visit the contact page.

Ever Musing,


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