Your Invitation to a New Journey

“Sometimes imagination pounces; mostly it sleeps soundly in the corner, purring.” 
~~ Terri Guillemets, Quotations Anthologist   

My imagination pounced on me last summer. Ideas that purred for months finally woke up, stretched, and aimed for their target.

Over a year has passed since you’ve heard from me via “Journey to Imagination.” That’s because my journey has taken a new direction. 

To introduce another metaphor (because I can’t resist) . . .

“Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer.”
~~ Terri Guillemets

I heard the knocking for quite a while, but I could easily find noisy distractions to muffle the sound. Who was knocking, you ask? Two things, actually. Two ideas that grew into a full-blown launch and relaunch:

I would love for you to join me on both of these ventures!

My novel, All That Is Hidden, was published in 2012. Discontent, it wanted some attention—a fresh cover and more revision. Standing next to it in the doorway was this crazy idea with its constant babbling about starting a new blog that would feature authors and their books. 

I disabled the doorbell and turned off the front porch lights. But they kept knocking.

So I finally answered the door. And now you can see the results.

I’m relaunching All That Is Hidden with a brand new cover and some interior changes. It’s still the same compelling story, but now it has the benefit of all I’ve learned about writing and editing over the past few years. 

Consider it a renovation–a downsizing, if you will. The book is much shorter, stronger with better pacing. (It’s not technically a 2nd edition. If you see this new book cover on Amazon, you’re in the right place to purchase.)

Learn more about All That Is Hidden and watch the book trailer here.

Would you like to join my launch team? That means reading the book and writing a review on Amazon and other places (the same review in each).  

Go here for more information — no obligation: 

Posting an Amazon review for this novel would be a great help to me. 

If you’re a reader of historical fiction, you’ll get some good recommendations on my new blog, Standout Stories. It focuses on authors and their novels, and includes author interviews

A Harvest of Stories that Redeem the Years the Locusts ate (iStock)

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Thank you for accompanying me on the Journey to Imagination for the past few years. I hope you’ll continue the journey on Standout Stories.

Ever musing,


2 thoughts on “Your Invitation to a New Journey

  1. Looking forward to reviewing “All That is Hidden.”
    I love the new cover but it’s hard to imagine the content being any better than it was!
    Glad to journey to imagination with you again!

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